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On Monday, I purchased the refurbished Sandisk Sansa e250 from Woot.

Imagine my surprise when it arrives and I see this:

Sansa Refurb

Was it necessary to emboss a relatively huge chromed “REFURB” on the back?

Several people I have shown the unit to actually thought “REFURB” was the model name.

If anything should be embossed and chromed, shouldn’t it be the Sandisk logo for advertisement purposes?

Either way, the unit works flawlessly, and was a good bargin, so I guess I am the proud new owner of a limited edition “Sandisk Sansa REFURB”.

Software Bugs Getting You Down? Torture the Developer!

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Software bugs causing you strife?

Wish you could find a way to express your frustration to the developer?

Microsoft has heard your call and has implemented a new feature they call WE-SYP:

If you do not see the video above, you may view video here.

Web 2.0.1? Already?

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The Ink Stained Banana has released a humorous list of bug fixes in the first “Web 2.0” patch.

Many of these bugs fixes are long overdue, and should resolve many complaints users had about Web 2.0.

Such as the following bug fix:

“Bug 84318192-b: We’ve addressed a
problem with the automatic product revision system that caused products
to be stuck at “beta” level. Please note that many of these projects
are actually Version 1.0 (with several at Version 2.0).”

That particular bug has been on top of my Web 2.0 annoyance list from day one.

For a good laugh, view the rest of the “Web 2.0.1” release notes.

What do we tell our kids?

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I found this humorous blog post today over at Virtual Karma.

The author raises the question of what we will tell our kids about the Internet, if the telephone companies are successful in creating a multiple tier internet.

Although this is humorous, it is also the very sad reality of what the major telephone companies want to achieve.

Bell South, AT&T, and Verizon have all shown interest in providing a multi-tier Internet, in order to extort money from website owners.

The telephone companies look ready to take their plan to Capital Hill.

Keep a watch out for bills regarding this and other Internet freedom issues at the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.