Windows Live Writer is Simply Awesome

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Due to strong recommendations by Chris Benard, Courtney MaloneWindows Live Writer, and Seth Gholson, I decided to give Windows Live Writer a try. I am using it to create the blog post you are currently reading and I must say the product is excellent. Creating an entry with Live Writer is a much more pleasant than using Community Server’s built-in blog post editor. No need to enter HTML mode to insert images or a quotes the way I want. No need reason to copy the post into word for spell checking. No need to manually clean up the extra line breaks Community Server adds to the the end of posts created in Mozilla Firefox. Live writer handles all of this and much, much more. I might even post more frequently now that creating new posts is such a painless process.

I highly Windows Live Writer to anyone who maintains their own blog. Give it a try, I promise you will not regret your decision.