How To Fix the Vista Network Speed Issue While Playing Sound

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My friend Courtney has discovered a solution to the issue of network speed reduction while playing sound in Windows Vista.

Check out Courtney’s Solution


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On Monday, I purchased the refurbished Sandisk Sansa e250 from Woot.

Imagine my surprise when it arrives and I see this:

Sansa Refurb

Was it necessary to emboss a relatively huge chromed “REFURB” on the back?

Several people I have shown the unit to actually thought “REFURB” was the model name.

If anything should be embossed and chromed, shouldn’t it be the Sandisk logo for advertisement purposes?

Either way, the unit works flawlessly, and was a good bargin, so I guess I am the proud new owner of a limited edition “Sandisk Sansa REFURB”.