Marriage and Other Life Changes

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Just wanted to let everyone know why there has been a lack of updates lately.

I got married on August 12, 2006 to Carla Sepulvado. She is a wonderful person, and I have truly never been happier. We then took a week honeymoon to Walt Disney World. Gearing up for the Wedding left me little time to update the blog in the last few weeks. The wedding was wonderful. Around 500 people attended. Carla and Her parents did a wonderful job planning and organizing the wedding details. Like most Grooms, I was more support and suggestions :). I can never thank them enough for the special wedding gave Carla and I. The reception flew by. I can’t wait to see the video/photos, because I know I did not get to greet everyone, and I never even made it to the side of the room with the food.

In other news, on August 7th I started a new Job at New Tech Computer Systems here in Shreveport. Due to time off taken for the wedding/honeymoon, I have only been working around 7 days. So far I am really enjoying it. I have a lot more on my plate at New Tech, so the days have been flying by. This has also led to a slowdown in blog posts. I am not complaining however, being busy is a good thing.

I just thought I would update everyone on what has been going on in my life.

Now back to Work!