Virtual PC 2004 is Now Free!

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Microsoft Virtual PC

Microsoft has officially released Virtual PC 2004 SP1 to the public, FOR FREE!

This is an excellent tool to test new Operating Systems or beta software that may bork your box.
Anything that occurs in the Virtual PC will remain only in the Virtual PC and not cause harm to your main Operating System. Also, you can actually choose not to save the changes to the image, and return the system to the state it was in at the start of your session. It really is an excellent testing tool. I often use Virtual PC or VMWare for development using beta software.

I am really happy Microsoft has decided to offer this product for free.
Virtualization really is an excellent technology, and should take away the fears many users have about beta testing Windows Vista, Office2007, or other beta software and operating systems.

I might also recommend allowing guests to surf the web in a VirtualPC. If you have friends who frequently download and install spyware loaded applications on your machine, this will save you hours trying to undo their damage. Your box will thank you for it 🙂

Download Virtual PC 2004 SP1.