Build .NET 1.1 applications with Visual Stuido 2005

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Another intersting tool for .NET developers is this power toy for Visual Studio 2005 called MSBee. MSBee enables developers to build .NET 1.1 applications with Visual Studio 2005.

Should be a great tool for those of us who still have alot of .NET 1.1 code to support, but enjoy the enhancements in Visual Studio 2005.

Grab the MSBee Powertoy here.


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Last week at the Mix ’06 Conference, Microsoft announced WPF/E, or Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.

From Mike Harsh’s Blog:

what is WPF/E? It is a cross-platform, cross-browser web technology
that supports a subset of WPF XAML. WPF/E also has a friction-free
install model and the download size we’re targeting is very small. WPF/E supports programmability through javascript for tight browser
integration. The WPF/E package also contains a small, cross platform
subset of the CLR and .NET Framework that can run C# or VB.NET code. Yes, we are bringing C# programming to the Mac.”

I am absolutely thrilled by this news.
I can’t wait to write cross platform, firefox compatible rich applications in .NET!

Check out Mike Harsh’s Blog for more information.