Build .NET 1.1 applications with Visual Stuido 2005

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Another intersting tool for .NET developers is this power toy for Visual Studio 2005 called MSBee. MSBee enables developers to build .NET 1.1 applications with Visual Studio 2005.

Should be a great tool for those of us who still have alot of .NET 1.1 code to support, but enjoy the enhancements in Visual Studio 2005.

Grab the MSBee Powertoy here.


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Last week at the Mix ’06 Conference, Microsoft announced WPF/E, or Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.

From Mike Harsh’s Blog:

what is WPF/E? It is a cross-platform, cross-browser web technology
that supports a subset of WPF XAML. WPF/E also has a friction-free
install model and the download size we’re targeting is very small. WPF/E supports programmability through javascript for tight browser
integration. The WPF/E package also contains a small, cross platform
subset of the CLR and .NET Framework that can run C# or VB.NET code. Yes, we are bringing C# programming to the Mac.”

I am absolutely thrilled by this news.
I can’t wait to write cross platform, firefox compatible rich applications in .NET!

Check out Mike Harsh’s Blog for more information.

Michael Crichton on Your Patented Future

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Michael Crichton, the man responsible for such works as Jurassic Park, ER, Twister, Congo, Sphere, and The Andromeda Strain just to name a few, has posted an editorial in the New York Times about the patented future we face.
His editorial, titled “This Essay Breaks the Law” comments on the sad state the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has created for us, and the even more depressing future we face if something doesn’t change.
Check out his editorial at the New York Times website.
Let’s hope they don’t sue me for using their trademark.

Happy Pi Day!

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A friend of mine notified me this morning that today is Pi Day.
I feel ashamed that I could miss such an event here at PiRootOfPi, but luckily I have friends out there who remind me of these things.
Pi Day is to be celebrated anually on March 14th at 1:59 P.M. (hint: 3/14 1:59 sort of resembles 3.14159)
For more information about Pi Day and how to celebrate it, see the wikipedia article here.

Visual Studio 2005 IntelliSense in .skin files

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Intellisense in .Skin filesOne issue that has often irritated me in Visual Studio 2005 is that .skin files do not enjoy IntelliSense.

That is, by default.

Today, I stumbled across a solution to enable IntelliSense in .skin files.

Why on earth this is not enabled by default I will never know.

Check out Vladimir Bychkov’s Blog for instructions.

He also has a post about enabling IntelliSense in the web.config