Internet Explorer 7.0 Gives Exciting New Print Experience.

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Printing in IE7One of the most annoying things about Internet Explorer 6.0 has always been the lack of printing options for printing web pages. It is almost impossible to print a modern webpage in Internet Explorer because you typically get the left navigation menu and a bunch of cut off sentences.

Firefox helped this need tremendously by adding a “Shrink to Fit” printing option so that the entire page could be printed. This is a wonderful feature that I use very often.

But what if we don’t need the side navigation menu, and want to keep the page layout in tact while printing?

Enter Internet Explorer 7.0. (Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 is still in beta. Do not use on your production machine!)

Microsoft has listened to our complaints and answered our prayers. IE7 adds the wealth of printing options including shrink to fit, as an exciting new cropping print tool that lets you select what area of the print preview you wish to print.

This is very exciting stuff!

Here’s hoping Mozilla adds this type of printing support to Firefox in the near future.

Isn’t competition great?

Read more about IE7’s printing enhancements over at the IE blog on MSDN:
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