Additional Code Snippets for C# in Visual Studio 2005

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c# Code SnippetsFor those of you unfamiliar with Code Snippets, a new feature in Visual Studio 2005, MSDN describes code snippets as:

“IntelliSense Code Snippets are reusable, task-oriented blocks of code. Visual Studio 2005 includes code snippets covering tasks ranging from creating a custom exception, to sending an e-mail message, to drawing a circle. A set of Visual Basic and Visual C# Code Snippets are included in the Visual Studio 2005 box.”

However, C# programmers were not given the complete set of Code Snippets available to our VB Compadres.

Microsoft has now corrected this issue.

Task Based Code Snippets for C# are now available from MSDN, giving C# developers the complete list of snippets available in Visual Basic. However, the installation of these snippets is a bit cumbersome.

To relieve this problem, Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror has created a registry file that will greatly simplify installation of these snippets.

Grab the new snippets or the simplified registry installer below:

You only need one of the packages above. I highly recommend Jeff Atwood’s package.


Community Server 2.0 Upgrade Complete.

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As mentioned in my last post.
I have finished upgrading the blog to Community Server 2.0

Not so sure I like the new logo and color scheme, but the administration section is much improved over 1.1.


Community Server 2.0 Now Available!

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The final version of Community Server 2.0, the software package used to power this blog, is now available!

Community Server 2.0 is available in several editions:

  • Express Edition – The free Express Edition is perfect for people that need to get a community up-and-running on a budget. It is free, but has restrictions on use but can be used commercially.
  • Standard Edition – The Standard Edition is the entry level commercial platform and unlocks some features not available in the Express Edition.
  • Professional Edition – The Professional Edition is targeted at organizations that require many of the capabilities offered by Community Server 2.0 for running a high-traffic community.
  • Enterprise Edition – The Enterprise Edition unleashes the full potential of Community Server and has been designed for organizations that require all of the capabilities found in Community Server.

Kudos to the Telligent Systems team for all of their hard work.

I will be upgrading this blog to the final version of Community Server 2.0 in the coming days. I will post an update once the upgrade is complete.

Grab your copy at the official Community Server website.

Excentrics World .NET 1.x Custom Controls are Back!!

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This is excellent news for all of us .NET 1.1 programmers
out there.
EXcentrics World
As of Friday, February 10, 2006, Microsoft has given Matt
permission to begin distributing his excellent .NET 1.x custom controls

It has been 10 long months since Matt began working at Microsoft
and was forced to remove his custom controls.

Finally, we are able to use Matt’s excellent control set in our
applications again!

Controls Include:

Head over to Excentrics World and pickup Matt’s Controls now!
Excentrics World

Web 2.0.1? Already?

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The Ink Stained Banana has released a humorous list of bug fixes in the first “Web 2.0” patch.

Many of these bugs fixes are long overdue, and should resolve many complaints users had about Web 2.0.

Such as the following bug fix:

“Bug 84318192-b: We’ve addressed a
problem with the automatic product revision system that caused products
to be stuck at “beta” level. Please note that many of these projects
are actually Version 1.0 (with several at Version 2.0).”

That particular bug has been on top of my Web 2.0 annoyance list from day one.

For a good laugh, view the rest of the “Web 2.0.1” release notes.

System Admins Rejoyce! Windows Updates now Available on ISO!

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This is wonderful news for System Administrators and Computer Technicians out there.
Microsoft has finally started releasing Windows Security and Critical Updates on ISO.

Download ISO Here.

For those looking for a more complete (and more frequently updated) Updates CD, I recommend Autopatcher. Autopatcher is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. It is also available in Full, Lite, and Upgrade packs.

Lite – Security and Critical Updates only
Full – All Windows updates, plus some other added bonuses.
Upgrade – Upgrade your previous month’s CD to avoid unnecessary file size.

I have been using Autopatcher for years and it is a must have tool for system administrators and great for reinstalling an OS, without the fear of getting spyware before you can update.

Download Autopatcher Here.

Internet Explorer 7.0 Gives Exciting New Print Experience.

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Printing in IE7One of the most annoying things about Internet Explorer 6.0 has always been the lack of printing options for printing web pages. It is almost impossible to print a modern webpage in Internet Explorer because you typically get the left navigation menu and a bunch of cut off sentences.

Firefox helped this need tremendously by adding a “Shrink to Fit” printing option so that the entire page could be printed. This is a wonderful feature that I use very often.

But what if we don’t need the side navigation menu, and want to keep the page layout in tact while printing?

Enter Internet Explorer 7.0. (Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 is still in beta. Do not use on your production machine!)

Microsoft has listened to our complaints and answered our prayers. IE7 adds the wealth of printing options including shrink to fit, as an exciting new cropping print tool that lets you select what area of the print preview you wish to print.

This is very exciting stuff!

Here’s hoping Mozilla adds this type of printing support to Firefox in the near future.

Isn’t competition great?

Read more about IE7’s printing enhancements over at the IE blog on MSDN:
IE7 Printing: An Experience You Won’t Want To Miss

What do we tell our kids?

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I found this humorous blog post today over at Virtual Karma.

The author raises the question of what we will tell our kids about the Internet, if the telephone companies are successful in creating a multiple tier internet.

Although this is humorous, it is also the very sad reality of what the major telephone companies want to achieve.

Bell South, AT&T, and Verizon have all shown interest in providing a multi-tier Internet, in order to extort money from website owners.

The telephone companies look ready to take their plan to Capital Hill.

Keep a watch out for bills regarding this and other Internet freedom issues at the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.


Welcome to PiRootOfPi Blog 2.0

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I finally finished upgrading the blog to Community Server 2.0.

The main challenge was setting up community server, so that only the blog portion was active.
This excellent guide by Dan Bartels got me up and running in no time.

Community Server is the upgrade to Scott Watermasysk’s .Text 0.95, my former blog engine.

Scott joined the Community Server team, last year, and Community Server blog is the fruit of his hard work.

The main enhancements over .Text 0.95 are:

  • Search Capability has been added
  • Improved content management system
  • Updated 3rd party tools which allows Firefox support without code modification
  • Many more miscellaneous updates and bug fixes

I have also tweaked the rest of the site, by cleaning up the source code, making a few layout changes, and reducing page size to assist users with dial-up connections.

Look for more updates in the coming weeks.