Useful Firefox Extensions

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Firefox Extensions make my life easier in countless ways on a daily basis.
I believe extensions are the primary advantage firefox has over its competitors.

In this post, I will give you a list my favorite extensions, and a description of each.
The links I provided are to the extensions homepage; however most can be downloaded from Mozilla Update.

1 ) Image Zoom – This is my absolute favorite extension. It allows zooming in/out on image files via Right-Click menu. This is excellent when an image is too small or too large to be viewed easily on your monitor.

2 ) BugMeNot – This extension automatically grabs usernames and passwords from This saves countless hours when trying to read a quick article on a site that requires registration.

3 ) GMail Notifier – This extension is self explanatory. It will monitor your GMail account and notify you when new mail arrives.

4 ) PDF Download – Have you ever clicked on a link, only to realize that it is to a PDF when Adobe Reader freezes your browser while loading the document?
Fear no more with this handy extension. When a PDF link is clicked, a menu will be displayed asking how you want the file opened.

5 ) Session Saver – This extension will save your open tabs when the browser is closed. This is wonderful to reserve resources while not using Firefox. As an added bonus, Session Saver automatically saves your session in the event of a browser crash.

6 ) CustomizeGoogle – This extension customizes Google. It will add links to search your query on other search engines, adds preview images of search results, and adds Google Suggest functionality to the good search box.

7 ) IE Tab – This extension allows rendering webpages using the Internet Explorer engine inside of a Firefox tab. This one is really great when a page is not compatible with Firefox, or you need to run Microsoft Update.

8 ) ColorZilla – Eye dropper tool for Firefox. This extension allows you to grab the RGB and HEX color values for any pixel of a webpage. Essential for web development.

9 ) Web Developer – Excellent suite of tools designed to aid in the development of web pages. A similar, but less feature rich Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is available from Microsoft.

10 ) Linky – Open a set of links in Tabs. Useful for link sites such as Reddit and Digg.

11 ) Menu Editor – As you can see I use a lot of extensions. Several of the extensions add extra entries to the Right-Click menu. Menu Editor allows you to reorder or delete items on the Right-Click Menu

12 ) Form History Manager – Firefox’s form history can be a life simplifier, by remembering your email address and other information that frequently need to be entered in forms. However, isn’t it annoying when the form history displays incorrect information, due that that time you accidentally mis-typed your email address? Form History Manger to the rescue! This handy little extension will allow you to remove unwanted elements from the form history.

13 ) StumbleUpon – The cure for internet boredom! Simply select categories that interest you. Press the Stumble! button on the stumbleupon toolbar, and be instantly sent to a webpage about one of your interests. Be sure to rate the sites thumbs up or thumbs down as this will help stumble upon weed out which types of pages interest you most.

14 ) ForecastFox – Weather forecast on firefox status bar.

15 ) Adblock Plus – Improved version of the popular Adblock Extension. This extension will allow you to block ads at a whim. It will also allow you to create white lists of allowed ads. Don’t forget to install the Adblock FilterSet.G Updater extension to automatically update your list of filtered ads.



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Since the dawning of this new fangled Web 2.0 craze, I have been highly interested in AJAX programming.
In the coming weeks I am going to begin playing with Microsoft’s Atlas Library for ASP.NET 2.0.

I now have a copy of Visual Studio 2005 to begin testing, and I will be experimenting/exploring the possibilities of using ASP.NET 2.0 for AJAX applications.