Best Buy Update #3

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For the full saga, please see my previous posts: Best Buy Service Mismanagement, Best Buy Update, and Best Buy Update #2.

I finally got in touch with Best Buy today to inquire about my laptop.

Unsurprisingly, the representative confirmed that the service order was showing a status of “shipped to service center” and could not find any other notes on the laptop.

She decides to call the store to find out more details.
It takes about a half-hour to contact the store.

Once the store is reached, the Geek Squad agent at the store is also unable to find the laptop as no notes are left on the unit.

The agent from the store calls DEX, my local store’s service center in an attempt to locate my laptop.

At this point I’m worried. This is the third time that Best Buy has lost my laptop.

After another half-hour or so, I receive a call. They have found my laptop. (YAY!)

For some reason, a new ticket was created on my laptop. The previous service order was still open, and there were no notes in the original service order indicating that a new ticket had been created, or even why a new ticket was created.

The customer service representative gives me the new service order number.
She then informs me that the laptop has supposedly been repaired, and that the unit is on its way back to my local store in Shreveport, LA.

If the fact that Best Buy lost my laptop for a third time was not scary enough, I soon find out more scary details.
After visiting to track my new service order number, I see why they were unable to find the new ticket.

You guessed it, the NEW TICKET IS IN THE WRONG NAME!
Once again the ticket has been made out in the name of the customer who received my laptop the first time.

Thank God that the laptop is returning to my local store and not being shipped to my home again. Otherwise, it is obvious that the laptop would have been mailed to the wrong customer in the wrong city a second time.

How can Best Buy be this incompetent?

They have lost my laptop three times.
They mailed it to another customer.

After all of this they still have not corrected the problems in their system that caused the problems in the first place?

Best Buy has basically shown me that they do not care about their customers.
The sad part is, since my situation has not caused them to fix their internal problems on any level, it is certain to happen time and time again to poor customers who lay down their hard earned dollars for the supposed “Protection” that Best
Buy sells as their Performance Service Plan.

Best Buy obviously is only interested in profit at any cost, and is not concerned with the satisfaction of their customer base.

I believe I am still going to address this with Best Buy’s corporate office.
Even if by some miracle the laptop is actually fixed this time, the company still owes me an apology, and needs a huge wakeup call to prevent other customers from falling victim to mismanagement, incompetence, and lack of responsibility.

I am not the type to demand compensation for other people’s simple mistakes, but at this point I have been without my laptop for nearly two months.
If Best Buy is going to take such little responsibility for their actions, maybe this needs to be escalated even higher.
Maybe if this affected their pocketbook rather than mine they would sit up and take notice.
Since obviously, that is all Best Buy pays attention to.