Dave’s AV Screensaver 1.2.1 Released!

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My Audio/Video Screensaver has been updated once again. This time to version 1.2.1.

New in this version:
Better Playlist management! {::Cheers::}
-Users can now add/remove multiple items from the playlist at one time.
-Also I have added the ability change the order of your playlist.

For more information or to download my screensaver see the project page on SourceForge.

FCKEditor, an alternative to FreeTextBox

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FCKEditor is a free, open source (LGPL) alternative for those of you who need more flexibility than FreeTextBox.
Unlike FreeTextBox, FCKEditor is not limited for unlicensed users.

FCKEditor is not only available in .NET, but also JAVA and Plone.
Check out the demo here.

I may have just found my text box of choice for future applications!

Blog software updated.

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This news does not affect you the reader in anyway, however I wanted to post this for other bloggers.

I updated .Text today to use FreeTextBox 3.1.1. The new version works much better with firefox, and simplifies posting for me. It took some work, but it is now working beautifully. Thanks to Brendan Tompkins for the wonderful guide.

Also I have added ReverseDOS. This was by far and away the simplest thing I have ever installed 🙂


Best Buy Update

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Buck passing continues.
Talked to 1-888-BEST-BUY again today. They looked at the ticked and said that the service order should be switched to store warranty rather than COD.
Also they said the PSP information was missing, and should be added to the ticket somewhere, even though it is expired.

They are supposedly adding this information to my service order.

We will see if it gets fixed. They are giving me the assurance that this issue will be resolved.

Fingers crossed…


Best Buy Service Mismanagement

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I am getting very frustrated with Best Buy Service as a whole.
Back in the early part of November I took my laptop in to be serviced. It was a minor fix, my service plan would be expiring in a month, and one of the fans was dying. The service plan was in the wrong customer’s name, so they supposedly corrected the information, and clearly marked my home address as the return to address. The laptop was supposed to arrive back in around 2 weeks.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, somehow, the service center shipped it to another customer. Not to the store mind you, but another customer’s house.

Angry that they had shipped my personal property to another customer, I called Best Buy Customer Support (1-888-BEST-BUY).
I was actually told by the representative, “Couldn’t you call that customer and get them to mail it to you?”
I responded “What?!? Best Buy mis-shipped my personal property, and then they expect the other customer to pay to ship it back to me?”

I think not.

I told them that I MIGHT be able to get the customer to bring it into the store in his home city, and let Best Buy ship it back. I noted however, that it should be Best Buy’s responsibility to contact the other customer, not mine.

She told me that the shipping information on the package was correct, but they must have gotten the address from my service plan. I told them that I never transferred my service plan, that it was some type of mistake on their end, and that the store had changed it for me when I dropped the laptop off.
She then informs me that the computer was still showing the wrong Service Plan information, and then she (supposedly) corrected it for me.

She claims that their service center DEX was at fault and someone from DEX would be calling me the next day when DEX was open.
Passing the buck indeed. I believe that is Best Buy’s Mission Statement.

I just wanted my property back, so I called the customer who received my laptop personally.
That customer agreed to take it to the store for me. Wasting his time and gasoline, although we were both furious at Best Buy for making us handle it ourselves.

Around three days pass, no laptop, and (of course) no call from DEX.

I call Best Buy again. I am told that they will need to contact the store in Baton Rouge where the other customer lived to find out what is going on with my laptop, because the Baton Rouge store never created a ticket for my laptop when it was brought in. They were unable to get in contact with the Baton Rouge store when I was on the phone. So I was told the representative would contact the store, and call me back.

Of course, I received no call by the next day. So I called again.

Finally, some progress. The representative was helpful. He told me my previous call was closed with no notes, but that he would try contacting Baton Rouge for me. Once again he was unable to reach Baton Rouge by phone, but told me he would call me back when he was able to reach them. I didn’t believe him due to past experience, but decided to give him a shot.

He calls me back around one hour later and informs me that Baton Rouge has the laptop. And had shipped it “3 days ago.” The shipping supervisor at the store was unavailable, but it had been shipped and the supervisor would be calling me back to give me tracking information.

By that night, still not tracking information.

I called again. This time I was livid.
I demanded to speak with a supervisor or manager.

When the supervisor gets on the phone, I start telling him the whole twisted tale and the mismanagement on all levels of Best Buy service. As the Store level had failed, the service center had failed, and the representatives at their call center had failed several times. All in all, the only ones who had done anything about the situation, was the one representative I lasted talked to, myself, and the other customer. This was Best Buy’s mistake and I wasn’t happy that I was basically resolving it for them.

He again says he can’t get in touch with the store, but as a supervisor had left a call for the store manager, and that one way or another he would call me back the next day. This was his guarantee.

The next day rolls around, no call. I am very angry.
When I arrived home Viola! My laptop was on the front porch.
I assume the supervisor assumed since I would have my laptop, he no longer needed to call, but he said he would call one way or the other, and I wasn’t all that thrilled that he too failed to call me. A courtesy call should have been made anyway.
The package was beaten pretty badly and very dented.
Also I noticed it had “Overnight Air” Stickers all over it. I tracked it online, and of course it was shipped the previous day when I called them, not “3 days ago” like the store had claimed. That explains the lack of tracking numbers.

I open my package and see that it is not packaged that well. The plastic sleeve they put the laptop in had slid partially off of the laptop, but it was still in the Styrofoam, and wasn’t in pieces.

I power the laptop on and begin checking it for problems.

Good news: The dying fan I shipped it in for has been fixed. YAY!

Bad news: the top right corner of the LCD had a hairline fracture.


Likely due to all of their mis-shipping, the laptop’s screen had been damaged.

However, since it had been around a month and a half since I initially shipped the laptop off, my service plan had now expired.

I call 1-888-BEST-BUY again. I tell them my issue and they look at my all of my previous call notes and case numbers. They determine that this is their fault. They instruct me to take the laptop back to the store (!), and that they will ship it off and repair it. They have made special notes on the case to inform everyone of what is going on, and to accept the unit, even though the service plan had expired.

Last night I take my unit in. They guy in the store had to call 1-888-BEST-BUY to determine how to ship it.

They tell him the only notes on my case are “Take it to the store for further advice” and that he was to send it back to the service center as a COD, and note the previous service tag.

He asks me if they had the right address, and sure enough they still had the wrong customer name and address in their computer!?!?!? They changed it in the first store. They have supposedly changed it over the phone two times, yet somehow still, it is not correct in the system. Who runs this place?

Of course by now, I know Best Buy very well. This thing will not get fixed. Best Buy is passing the buck and trying to get DEX to pay the COD charge of replacing the screen which will be over $200. DEX is not going to take the hit, and there will be no service plan to charge it to, so it will likely return unfixed. The laptop will enter an endless loop of buck passing and shunning resposibility.

I am in disbelief that Best Buy still won’t own up to their mistake, and simply fix the issue.
It’s very simple. Take the $200 loss. Fix my laptop the way it should be fixed.

They will move on with their lives, I will move on with mine (although future service plans are probably out of the question), and everyone will get what they want.

I am not extorting Best Buy in anyway. I am not demanding money for the goof up. I just want my property fixed and returned.

Honestly Best Buy owes me something. An apology for sure, and a gift card or something for the inconvenience would be nice. This is just terrible customer service all the way around.

However, I never asked for anything, just for my laptop back.
This has been a huge inconvenience for me, not to mention I shelled out over $200 for this service plan, and all I got for it was a replaced fan.

They made their money on the service plan. All I want is the service I paid for.

I will be calling them back today and will make an update post when I know more information.