Firefox 1.5 Beta

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I have recently switched to Firefox 1.5 beta as my primary browser.

As a long time user of Pheonix/Firebird/Firefox I eagerly anticipate the final release of this next version of firefox.

The Extension system has been rewritten which should prevent old extensions from breaking firefox in the future.

Also there is a new auto-update mechanism which is a very welcome addition to myself and other system admins of the world.

The only downside I currently see is that the beta does not convert your old profile, so you will need to create a new one.

For those of you willing to play with beta software Grab it here and give it a whirl:
Firefox 1.5 beta

Software Page Added

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Hello all,
I have now added a software page to allow downloading of some of my projects.

Currently there are only 2 items on the page, but I will be adding other projects in the future.